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Ginger is a five feet tall plant with yellow blooms which is mostly known thanks to its roots. ginger Ginger roots have a pleasant and intensive spicy taste with an exotic scent. The typical taste of ginger is caused by many different essential oils; 640 different chemical compounds can be found in ginger (list of them). The biggest exporters of ginger are India, China and Indonesia. Ginger is originally from Asia, it is planted in south-east Asia, western Africa and Carribean. Ginger can be easily bought in all bigger stores, but if you want to be sure that your ginger is going to be fresh, it is better to visit any shopkeeper from Asia. ginger Fresh ginger not only tastes better, but you can also use it to plant your own ginger plant. The most significant health benefits of ginger are: helping digestion, cold, flu and even cancer prevention and also aphrodisiacal effects. Ginger can be consumed in many variations: ginger tea, ginger drink, candied ginger, pickled ginger (with sushi), grated ginger or dried ginger as a spice in Indian cuisine. Ginger also supports creation of saliva, which makes it easier to consume meals with ginger. Thanks to the strong taste of ginger you can also do some crazy things with it :D

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