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Ginger – Recipe

No matter whether dried or fresh, ginger is often use in Indian cuisine in combination with other spices. The universal Indian chickpeas recipe is as follows: Cut onion and maybe some garlic and fry on oil for a moment. While frying, add most of the following spices: garam masala (special Indian mixture of spices), cumin, ginger (fresh and grated or dried), turmeric, curry and maybe some chili. When the onion is fried enough, add either cooked chickpeas or pickled chickpeas and a little bit of water. If you are cooking chickpeas on your own, you have to leave it few hours in water and then cook it for at least half an hour. You can also add cooked boiled or pickled peas, cooked cauliflower, potatoes or even some meat. You can thicken the water or, better, sauce by adding a little bit of flour. I recommend to eat this dish with bread and drink some water if you prepared it spicier.

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